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Investing in Villas and Apartments for Sale in Jeddah

Investing in Villas and Apartments for Sale in Jeddah

Known as the Bride of the Red Sea, the city is reputed to be the go-to place in the Kingdom. One can enjoy the past and the present in the same place, with historical structures and souks in Al Balad, local and international restaurants, countless malls across the North and South, and the beautiful coast. People here are very well known for their friendly nature, especially as they welcome millions of Muslims all year round who are on their way to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madina. It’s no wonder why locals and expatriates (many of whom were born and raised here) are very loyal to their city, simply considering it as “home”.

Jeddah has options in terms of property types, so it is often easier to choose between villas or apartments for sale in Jeddah, depending on your budget and family needs. It is common to see entire districts with residential buildings, such as Rawdah, Hamra, or Azizia. In Riyadh, on the other hand, demand of villas currently exceeds that of building units, that’s why there more offerings on villas for sale in Riyadh.

Buying a house can be considered as one of the biggest commitment in one’s life, so it is key to do the right homework and make the right choice accordingly. There is currently a shortage of affordable homes, so time is always of essence. Be effective in your search because cheaper homes hardly last on the market.


What to do Before Buying an Apartment in Jeddah

What to do Before Buying an Apartment in Jeddah

Study the market first:

The real estate market is known to have its ups and downs, as it can be affected by new laws and regulations. That being said, follow the latest local real estate trends by reading the news and following social media in order to know whether it is best to buy now or wait.

Decide on the district:

If you are interested in more central areas, then consider searching among properties in Hamra, Al Rawdah or apartments in Al Madina Road. Moving towards the North may require an increase in the budget.

Get a feel for the building:

It would be good to have an idea about the neighbours currently living there. Also, many residences currently offer round the clock security, and this is very important for families. In addition to the driver’s room and/or storage room which is currently a common plus, new developers are starting to provide residents with added services such as gyms, nurseries, and swimming pools.

Go through a licensed real estate broker or developer:

Having a professional real estate company involved will ease the entire process and transaction. The broker or company can give you an idea of the price per square meter in a specific district and can advise on many issues related to buying real estate. This is why all properties on are only listed by licensed real estate companies. Avoid going through an unlicensed third party, a big investment such as buying a home needs to be done through a trusted real estate company.

Get a professional second opinion:

Often times, we hear stories about how a house looked luxurious on the outside, but problems started to arise a week into living in it. If you are purchasing a new development, have a professional person check the piping, electrical, or any faults that can be hidden. If you are looking for property you wish to flip, also get a second opinion on overall costs before you make an investment, because renovation costs can add up so quickly.

If you have not found the ideal property investment yet, you can browse through the available flats for rent in Jeddah, and consider renting until you find the perfect property to buy.