In And Around Makkah

Snuggled between mountains, is the valley of Makkah. The city is home to the holy mosque and millions of pilgrims throughout the year. The area surrounding the holy mosque is the downtown area.

Fully occupied by hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, grocery shops, pharmacies, barber shops and roadside vendors. The area is the heart of the city. The Al Haram area consists of all the basic things a pilgrim might need during the stay. From cough medicines to walking shoes to mini umbrellas, you will find all the useful things around this area.

During hajj season, it is next to impossible to find accommodation in this area. However, there is more to Makkah than the Al Haram area. The city is quiet big with majority of its population residing in other parts of the town. Properties in Makkah are not easily found and acquired.

If you are searching for properties for sale in Makkah you need to decide on the neighborhood. Purchasing property in Makkah is an excellent source of income for the homeowners. Particularly if the property is located in one of the most sought after areas like Al Rawdah, Al Haram, Al Aziziyah and Ajyad. These districts are mostly filled with hotels.

But the close proximity to the holy mosque gives these areas an unparalleled supremacy.

When compared to a one-bedroom apartment for rent in Jeddah, a single bedroom apartment in Makkah can be very costly, but the devotees will pay whatever it takes to be near the sacred sanctuary.

Properties For Sale in Al- Hamra
Properties For Sale in Al- Hamra

Al Hamra – The Secluded Part Of The Vibrant City

The city is expanding and evolving at a rapid pace. With the focus of activity being the Al Haram area, the rest of the city is relatively calm except for the hajj season.

In the northwestern part of the city, is situated a cozy little neighborhood called Al Hamra. Close to the old Makkah – Jeddah road, the area is open and quiet. Event though majority of pilgrims visit the famous Kiswah factory of the holy Ka’aba and the Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques.

Both of these museums are situated on the main old Makkah – Jeddah road. The area itself is a very comfortable to live. In the heart of the area is the educational district with several good schools. This should be your area of focus if you are looking for properties for sale in Al Hamra and have kids. It will be easier to have schools nearby.

There is a great little ice cream shop just around the corner for when the cravings attack. You will find a pharmacy, a desert shop and a grocery store within a close distance from the education district. The property sector in Makkah differs greatly from the properties for sale in Riyadh and even Jeddah. The people of Makkah, however, are the real gem here.

Their hospitality is immaculate, particularly during the hajj season. It is an experience of a lifetime to live in this magnificent city. if you have been considering making the move to this glorious city, visit to check the property listings from authorized estate agents.