The Historic Tabuk

In the northwestern part of the Kingdom, along the Jordan-Saudi Arabian border marks the territory of Tabuk region. Belonging to ancient times, the region has seen the rise of Islam in all its glory. To date it still has a huge importance in Islamic history.

It is famous globally for its archaeological sites. Petroglyphs, forts, inscriptions and palaces are found in abundance in the region. The region had a distinguished place for being the Syrian-Egyptian pilgrims’ route. The capital city of the region is Tabuk.

Famous for the large military base located there and the occasional snow in winters. The rest of the year, the city depends on farming, fruits and crops. Tabuk is a country town like most of the small-scale cities in Saudi Arabia.

There are several universities and international school in the city. The city is a perfect getaway for the big city folks throughout the year. Its peaceful environment is inviting for all. The occasional snow is an element very rarely found in the Arabian Desert. Being the small country town means property is cheap.

You can easily get properties for sale in Tabuk for almost half the price when compared to properties for sale in Jeddah or Riyadh.


Things To Do In Tabuk

One of the best things about Tabuk is the weather. The city is at an elevated location hence the summers are pleasant. Even though Tabuk is a low-key city by nature, it doesn’t mean there isn’t much to do here.

The city has a very interesting geographical location, which enables its residents to get to the Red Sea coast within a couple of hours’ drive. Similarly, it only takes a few hours’ drive to get to Jordan.

You can get away to Jordan on long weekends and explore the beauty of the area. You can use the public transport to get around town but it is advisable to get your own transport. If you are looking for accommodation in the heart of the city, there is Al Mahrajan and Alaziziyah Alqadimah.

There are a few malls in these districts with access to some big shops. King Khalid Hospital is also located here, along with several eateries and cafes. These areas have good apartments for sale in Tabuk. If you want to buy a property in Tabuk for investing purpose, try looking for properties near University of Tabuk.

The foreign students and faculty are always looking for closer accommodations. Generally, the people prefer compounds for sale in Tabuk due to privacy issue.

But you will find everything, from one bedroom properties to Whole buildings for sale in Tabuk . Before you begin, rest assured that solely offers properties through licensed estate agents for your complete peace of mind.