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High Demand for Properties for Rent in Jeddah

Jeddah is the city with a soul, reputed for its diversity, hospitality and history. As the commercial hub of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah boasts an entrepreneurial spirit inherited from previous generations, attracting both locals and expatriates to start and grow new business ideas and set new trends across the Kingdom. Jeddah’s melange of people and ideas is reflected in its architecture, many times a mix of both the past and the present. The downtown is a must go if one is to stroll within old alleyways paralleled with historical buildings. Driving towards the North of the city is similar to driving through time, passing though more modernized city expansions. The entire West coast offers beautiful views of the calm Red Sea, known to harbour some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and colourful marine life.

This is why there is high demand to be in Jeddah, and real estate developers need to work hard to match that demand. Some real estate companies have announced and launched residential projects, focusing on increasing the supply of apartment units over the next 5 years. The objective is to develop available lands and provide the property seekers with more options and more apartments for rent in Jeddah, and hopefully also bring rental prices down with time.

 Apartment for Rent in Jeddah

How to Find the Ideal Apartment for Rent in Jeddah?

Choosing where to live simply depends on what part of the city is most suitable for you. Do you have to be close to work at the Industrial district in the South? Or does your family need to be near most of the international schools in the North? Each part has features that attract different people and their needs. The best way to start your search is to ask yourself the below questions.

Will I live alone or with my family?

This is a very decisive question, as many building complexes in Saudi Arabia, only allow for families to lease out properties, and not bachelors. It is also important to take school locations into consideration, as most international schools have moved towards the North. If that’s the case, then it would be good to look though apartments for rent in Ash Shati district.

What’s the ideal size?

Are you looking for a 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom flat? Does it need to have an additional room for domestic help? Is it important to have two living rooms, separate for males and females? Does the building have accommodation for the driver? The more space, the higher the rental price depending on the district you are searching in.

What’s my budget?

As new real estate developments are towards North Jeddah (such as Al Basatin and Abhur), prices are naturally higher there. The same applies for that properties closer to the sea. However, one can still find nice and more affordable villas and apartments for rent in districts such as Azizia, Rehab, Hamra and Al Rawdah, which are highly favoured areas. If budget allows, then it may be worth looking into compounds for rent in Jeddah, where you can enjoy more freedom and have direct access to different sports and recreational facilities.

Where do I search?

Rental houses (especially good catches) are always in high demand and are usually off the market as soon as they are advertised. Updating your online search is key, and it is best to go through licensed real estate brokers as they are often well connected with available flats and villas for rent in Jeddah. Licensed brokers also maintain a standard of professionalism when it comes to the handling of rental contracts. This is specifically why all properties on are listed directly by licensed real estate companies.For those more interested in an investment, consider searching for apartments for sale in Jeddah.