The Two Hearts Of The Kingdom – Makkah And Madinah

In order to succeed in life, a balance between the mind and soul is required. This is true, not just for the human body, but for every sphere of human interaction. Without balance, there cannot be a genuine win. A nation is a lot like the human body in this regard.

Specially, a nation like Saudi Arabia, enriched with religious, spiritual and historical elements. Saudi Arabia’s economy is fueled by two distinct elements. While modern cities and economic zones like Jeddah, Riyadh, Al Jubail, Jazan, KAEC, Dhahran and Dammam act as the mind of the country, bringing in revenues based on the tactical approaches. The cities of Makkah and Madinah are no doubt, the two hearts of the country.

Beating together to form the most melodious, sacred rhythm. The huge number of pilgrims visiting the two cities each year speaks volumes for their importance. Property sectors of both the cities are well developed and constantly evolving to provide better services to the visitors and locals alike.

In Makkah, properties for rent in Al Aziziyah , Ar Rawdah and Ajyad are high in demand and in prices. The locations are deemed most prime due to easy access to the Al Haram. If you want to look for more affordable locations, properties for rent in Al Hamra and surrounding areas will be a good fit. With a calmer environment and open, vast spaces, the Al Hamra area is quite the catch!


The Global City Of Makkah

The city of Makkah is perhaps the most diverse among the Saudi Arabian cities. It has a multicultural environment lasting throughout the year.

Intensifying during the Hajj season. Whenever you walk down the central Al Haram area, you will find different ethnicities all around you. This global atmosphere shows in the shopping and food streets as well. Not only do the vendors serve food and drinks from various countries but can also communicate in different languages. Keeping true to the human nature.

Some would go out of their way to help the pilgrims, while others will cash on this opportunity to make some bucks! However, this multiethnic environment is focused largely in the downtown areas. When you move away from the city center, you will see more of the real culture of Makkah.

Incidentally, the property prices also reduce substantially in such areas. Properties for rent in Al Hamra are quite reasonable when compared to downtown Makkah or even properties for rent in Madinah, particularly the Al Haram area.

When exploring the property options for the massive cities, you will need a guiding soul to tread on this tricky terrain. With, you will have a well-equipped army of authorized real estate agents by your side. Armed with the precise tools for the job and the expertise to lead you to your perfect new abode in no time.