A Wonder City – King Abdullah Economic City

In 2005, the then king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud announced the megaproject, King Abdullah Economic City. As the name suggests, the city was so inaugurated to improve and diversify the country’s economy.

The plan aims at establishing a city larger than Washington DC, US. The city will be divided into industrial zone, Abdullah port, sea resort and residential areas. The port and the industrial areas are the main reasons for increasing demand of apartments in King Abdullah Economic City. The state-of-the-art buildings will give a modern look to the city.

According to official plans, around 56,000 villas and 260,000 apartments are to be constructed in a city. This will home around half a million people. Located along the coast of the Red Sea, this commercial hub of the country is now the favorite city of a large number of investors.

Supplementing Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the city offers long-term investment options in its real-estate sector. Therefore, a large number of properties for rent in King Abdullah Economic City are available.

The city is built on modern architecture and has a lot of places open for different recreational activities. The education sector in the city offers modern education. People from all over the world are coming to the city since the city offers multiple opportunities. This is why it is also a right time to invest and search for apartments for sale in King Abdullah Economic City.


How to Find a House in the City

The cost of living in King Abdullah Economic is on a higher side. A two-bedroom apartment may cost thousands of SAR. But since the city is being built on modern infrastructure, the job market in the city is stable. If one has got a decent job in the city, chances are that he can afford a rental apartment in the city.

A single can look for hotel apartments for rent in King Abdullah Economic City. If one is living with family and the budget allows, villas for rent can be a perfect choice. The city offers a great variety of activities. The public transportation system of the city is at par with international standards. It plans to create parks across the city, allowing public to come and relax in cozy places. When searching for a house, it is imperative to find whether a house is located closer to a park or other entertainment center.

The most important point is to find out how to find a perfect place to live. To address this issue, websites like are running to facilitate a potential tenant. These sites list properties for rent in King Abdullah Economic City. A potential tenant can visit the site, search for the perfect place and choose a place wisely.