Tabuk For Expats

The capital city of Tabuk region, Tabuk needs no introduction. The city has a rich history and immense value, not only in the Islamic world but also in the archaeological field.

It is not yet in the league of cities like Jeddah or Riyadh but Tabuk has a lot to offer in terms of quality of life. There is a big chunk of expat population living in the city.

One of the main reasons for expats living here is the University of Tabuk. The university has an international level of education and the government ensures to employ the best talent from all over the world to impart quality education to students.

Most of the students are locals with only a handful flying in from other cities. The faculty however, is a mix of ethnicities, just like the overall population of the city.

The university faculty teachers mostly prefer living in the university vicinity. But this is not the only factor in deciding the area.

For expats, in particular, people living alone, it is important to find good level of basic amenities in the area. For example, a Moroccan living alone would perhaps prefer living in an area where there is a Moroccan restaurant for everyday food. Or an Egyptian would perhaps like to live near the café that serves the perfect cup of Egyptian coffee.

It is all about making this place your home. Once you figure out where you want to live, finding properties for rent in Tabuk is easier. However, most of the expats prefer compounds for rent in Tabuk.


Finding Your Way Around Town

Even though it is a small town, the demand for rental property is high. Therefore, you will have to start making arrangements beforehand to secure a property for rent in Tabuk.

For someone from outside Saudi Arabia, it could take a while to get things streamlined, you will have to be patient in your initial weeks here. However, try to bring enough money with you to furnish your rental property in Tabuk.

The properties here do not come furnished, unless specified. You don’t have to look far and wide in order to get properties for rent whether it is one bedroom properties for rent or a whole building for sale in Tabuk, there are options for every budget and lifestyle. Whether you want to rent a car or buy one of your own, the decision is led by personal circumstances.

If you have a Saudi driving license, moving around should not be any issue. But in case you need to apply for a driving license, it is helpful to get plenty of practice. The Saudi driving test is notorious for its difficulty, only a handful of applicants pass it in the first attempt. That said, once you get your license and your car, you would truly begin to enjoy the serene lifestyle of Tabuk. There are good malls all over the city to leisure around.

However, towards the end and the beginning of the months, there are massive crowds in malls and shopping centers. Life in Tabuk is nothing like you have ever come across. Let handle your search with property listings by verified estate agents.