The Kingdom’s Agriculture Asset – Al Qassim

Sprawled at an area of 58.046km2, Al-Qassim is one of the 13 administrative regions of the KSA. Dubbed as the country’s ‘alimental basket’, the region is famous for its agricultural assets. It has more than 400 cities because of which the real-estate market in the region is always active.

A high demand forproperties for rent in Al-Qassim is one of the traits of the region. Located at the heart of the country and just in the center of the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Qassim is the fifth most densely populated area of the country. A majority of the region’s total population resides in the 3 major cities of Buraydah, Unayzah and Al Rass.

This why properties for rent in Unayzah along with the other 2 cities are always have the upward trajectory of demand. Buraydah, the region’s capital governmental centers, is the most populated city in the region.

On the other, Unayzah is considered the cultural and religious center of Al-Qassim and is known for its tourist attractions and festivals. Al Rass, being the largest city of the region, is home to more than a hundred thousand people.

The KSA’s plans to diversify its economy and minimize its dependence on oil are now an open secret. The country is trying to create investment opportunities for foreign and local investors. The best sector to invest in is the real-estate. Therefore, since the past few years, a lot of investors are interested in buying properties in Al-Qasim and other regions of the country

Al Qassim
Al Qassim

How to Find the Ideal Apartment for Rent?

The finest way to start your quest is to ask yourself the below questions. 1. Will I live alone or with my family? This factor plays an important role in selecting the best place in the region. While bachelors are not allowed in specified areas for the purpose of residence, a home for one’s family needs to be chosen keeping in mind its comfort.

This should be kept in mind while searching for properties for rent in Buraydah or other cities. 2. What’s the ideal size? While most people in the region prefer to live in villas, the type and size of the rented property depends on the number of people one has in his family. 3. What’s the budget? The ideal home for you depends a lot on the amount you want to invest on your comfort.

There are many cities in the region where properties for rent are available at reasonably good rates. Lastly, a person should know where to find properties for rent in Al-Qassim. While the internet is inevitably the best place to start your research to find the best place, we would always recommend you to first find a licensed real estate brokers.

This is important as real estate brokers not only have expert knowledge about the pros and cons of a particular property, but also a high level of professional approach towards rental contracts and deals. This is precisely why all assets on are enumerated directly by licensed real estate companies.

For those more interested in an investment, consider searching for apartments for sale in Al-Qassim.