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Alimental basket of the country – Al Qassim

Located at the heart of the country, Al Qassim is in the center of Arabian Peninsula. It is specifically distinguished because of its rich history of agriculture. Al Qassim is amongst the thirteen administrative regions of Saudi Arabia.

The dates produced by the province are widely known in the country. There are several universities and international schools which makes the place worth buying a property at. Al-Qassim, the richest region per Capita in Saudi Arabia, has malls too. The city is a perfect getaway for the big city folks throughout the year, in that scenario; you may also want to look into Rest houses for sale in Al Qassim.

Al Qassim has very fascinating dynamics. Qassim region is abundant in water in addition to the perfect soil and climate suitable that equates the constant demand for Properties for sale in Al Qassim.

However, it is necessary to do your research beforehand. The province is located in the center of Saudi Arabia approximately 400 km northwest of Riyadh so the province borders with Riyadh province in the east and south.

There is not much residing in the history of Al Qassim, so it’s far from existing into controversies. Hence, for something easier and cheaper, you might also be interested in Apartments for sale in Al Qassim but in a longer and affordable run, people usually opt for properties for sale in Al Qassim.

The environment of the province is summoned for both the residents and the expats.

Al Qassim
Al Qassim

Things to do in Al Qassim

There is something for everyone in this region. Al-Qassim region hosts more than eight million palm trees, which makes it one of the largest producers of dates and which makes the place enthralling.

The educational sector of Al Qassim province provides with the variety of field to be studying in, the easy education access that equates a substantial demand for Properties for sale in Al Qassim.

Hospitals and eateries in the locality are a bonus to buying a property in that concerned place because having a closer health service is mandatory.

The weather of Al Qassim is a typical desert climate ranging from cold, rainy winters to sometimes balmy summers with low humidity. Similarly, you can enjoy the desert city by camping out in the desert watching a hot summer day turn into cool night.

Generally people look for rest houses for sale in Al Qassim as their vacation or weekend spot but you can also look for Duplexes for sale in Al Qassim.

According to your budget and preferences, properties for sale in Al Qassim can be a proficient option. However, the downtown is where you can find optimal rates for a property.

Al Qassim has everything that you will be entailing for a comfortable living in the city.

There are a numerous number of expats coming in the region Al-Qassim for property purposes with their thorough research and this is where can solve all the confusions as it deals with licensed estate agents only.