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Investing in properties for sale in Riyadh

With soaring rental prices, many people gear towards homes for sale. Some choose to purchase their primary residence, whereas others prefer to invest in order to generate monthly rental income. Investing in houses for sale in Riyadh or Jeddah is generally a wise decision that generates steady returns.

Every industry goes through cycles, and the real estate market is no exception. When the market is slow, seekers generally put their investment on hold until the prices go down, so they turn towards the rental market and temporarily opt for villas and apartments for rent in Saudi Arabia.

Many times, you see beginners who jump on the bandwagon and make quick real estate purchases without doing their homework. They end up having to deal with monthly losses, unwilling to sell below a certain cost, and sitting on a piece of property hoping that their luck will pull through. Buying real estate is a huge investment, maybe the biggest in one’s lifetime, which is why it is important pre-plan, set expectations, and follow through. Before making the investment, one must have a clear strategy in mind, based on proper research and timelines, with back up plans. What will you do if it does not rent out as quickly as you thought? What is the plan if the house does not re-sell? Foreseeing the different scenarios will allow you to adapt and manage your investment in the most precautioned approach, minimizing your chance of dealing with losses.


Where to start before making a real estate investment

Where to start before making a real estate investment

If you are purchasing properties for sale in Riyadh or Jeddah, you must be very careful to understand peoples’ needs and market trends. House hunters are becoming more demanding, and when the market is down, they will have more choices to pick from, so your property may not stand out from the pile. Here are some simple tips you can start with in your planning process:

What are they looking for?

With an over supply of villas for rent in Riyadh  that often ask for high asking rental prices, there is an opportunity to further dig into the market to understand if the supply truly meets the demand. People, especially expats, are starting to see that such big houses are quite hard to maintain and expensive to upgrade. That said, it is very important to invest in a property that is high in demand, keeping in mind that demand differs from city to city. It is very common for people in Jeddah to opt for apartments, where as in Riyadh they prefer villas. Know your market before you invest.

Make it irreristable

Very small upgrades can go a long way, especially if you know what people are looking for. If your property targets high net worth CEOs who travel a lot, then adding some electrical appliances can relieve the tenant from having to make those purchases that he will not need a couple of years down the line. If laminate flooring is a trend, then you can upgrade your house and ask for a higher asking price. The second hand market is quite aesthetically unappealing right now, so the potential to stand out is quite high.

Keep it neutral

You may love dramatic wall paint or artistic wall paper, but that will not matter because you will not be living in that property. You need to keep it neutral to appeal to as many people as possible, increasing your chances of getting the property off the market and seeing those returns on a monthly basis.

Always hire a professional

You can consider advertising the property yourself, but you will have to deal with all the phonecalls, tenant screening, maintnance, and rent collection. Let a professional real estate broker manage the work. He may share expert advice on what people are look for.