A Tropical Gem Along The Red Sea

Situated along the beautiful Red Sea, in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, is the port city Jazan. Capital of the Jazan region. Jazan is one of those Saudi states that share borders with Yemen. In this case, the southern border of the region forms the northern border of Yemen.

Jazan city contains the third largest port of Saudi Arabia. Making it an essential player in the country’s economic success. Just like the most of the Kingdom, Jazan also has a distinguished agricultural portfolio. The city is famous for its excellent quality tropical fruits, mainly mangoes, papaya and figs.The city is re-emerging as the land of megastructures and industries. Towards the north of Jazan lays the Jazan economic city. The proof of Saudi government’s commitment to establishing the country as the regional economic hub. Jazan is developing at a rapid pace.

The presence of Jazan Economic City near it, has also created a boom in the city’s own economy. The property sector in the city has also progressed and profited the people.

With more options for properties for sale in Jazan, the prospective homeowners have a vast array to choose from. In terms of living spaces, Jazan offers all types of options. You will find one bedroom properties in Jazan, villas for rent in Jazan and even compounds for sale in Jazan. All the properties here offer the same amenities as any of the bigger cities of the Kingdom. A compound residence here will have the same level of privacy and luxury that you get at the compounds for sale in Abhaor Al Buraydah.


The Luxurious Beachfront Of Jazan

Towards the west of the city is the great Red Sea. As with any coastal city in the world, the beachfront is the most sought after location for living. The glorious views provide a scenic backdrop to the everyday life, while simultaneously providing relief from everyday stresses.

The corniche is the most cherished location in the city, also being the most expensive. The corniche area has malls, parks, shopping centers, resorts, theme parks, café and restaurants of international fame. Coupled with the iconic views of the Red Sea, it is a complete package. The western side is indeed the most happening location in town. It also consists of the ferry terminal that leads to Farasan port. The area is well stocked with all of life’s amenities. Hence, the properties for sale in Ash Shati Jazan are the most expensive.

The downtown comprises of Ar Rawdah, Al Jabal and Al Qalah. These areas have a high population density. Towards the west of Ar Rawdah is the Jazan Regional Airport. Which adds more value to these neighborhoods. The northwestern side of he city is where the Jazan University is located. Properties in Jazan are decent and budget-friendly. You can get a much reasonable price for an apartment in Ash Shati Jazan when compared to apartments for sale in Ash Shati Jeddah.  When you browse properties through, you can rest assured that you will only get listings from licensed estate agents.