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Investing in an Apartment or Villa for Sale in Jeddah

Being home to over 3.5 million people, this coastal city is located in the Makkah Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is known to have an artistic side, with beautiful sculptures on the corniche, aesthetic roundabouts that are considered landmarks, and the symbolic King Fahd water fountain that springs so high that it can be seen from across the city.

The city very busy, as it handles most of the Kingdom’s commercial trade through its seaport. It also welcomes vast numbers of religious tourists on their way to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. This is why residents here are very hospitable and dynamic, as they get exposed to so many different cultures throughout the year.

All this gives “the Bride of the Red Sea” a soft side that is very much appreciated by locals and expatriates. Demand for residences and apartments for rent in Jeddah or for sale is high, and there is a current shortage in property supply. The Ministry of Housing has plans to minimize this gap and provide more flats and villas for sale in Jeddah. This progressive blueprint is to be carried out by both the government and the residential private sector with the overall objective of providing new and complete communities with cheap houses for the Saudi population.


Do Your Research Before Purchasing a Villa for Sale in Jeddah

Do Your Research Before Purchasing a Villa for Sale in Jeddah

Investing in a home is a very difficult decision for many people. This is especially true in Saudi Arabia, because good “catches” usually get off the market fast. This is why it is important to be ahead of the game by doing research before you decide.

Coordinate with a licensed real estate broker or developer:

Always go through a professional when a big investment is at stake. You will need expertise advice on search, wish list, and average price per square meter. The licensed real estate company will also be a huge added value when it comes to transferring the property title deed and closing the transaction. This is why all properties listed on are directly from licensed real estate companies.

Narrow down your district(s) of interest:

This will allow you to focus your search within a limited radius, which means that your digital and on ground search can be much more effective. People are generally becoming more interested in the North and search for houses for sale in Abhur Ash Shamaliyah.

Decide on second-hand or new development:

The age of the residence will highly depend on the location. If you intend to purchase a house or apartment in saturated districts such as Hamra or Rawdah, then you will be looking at a wider second hand market, and maybe even find offers on furnished villas. Most of the new development projects are being carried out in the North of the city, in districts such as Abhur, Ash Shati, An Nahda, and Al Basatin

Account for future maintenance fees:

Many properties end up with piping and electrical issues. Unless you are sure of the quality and standards of the project developer, it is highly advised to get the structure checked by a professional third party before you make the purchase.

If you cannot find your ideal home, consider purchasing a plot of land listed for sale in Jeddah and developing the home of your dreams. This will take a longer time, but a home of a lifetime will be worth it.