About compounds for rent in Riyadh

Riyadh is a growing cosmopolitan city, filled with business centers, shopping malls, and restaurants. The city balances its progressiveness by still sticking to its roots and traditions. The capital is home to people from all over the world. This diversity is one of the most beautiful things about the country. A resident of Saudi Arabia is often exposed to so many different cultures through friends, neighbours, schoolmates and colleagues.

In a way, growing up here can make you feel like a citizen of the world. This is especially true for expatriates who live in villas and apartments in compounds for rent in Riyadh, which are basically gated residential havens within the city. While more expensive than the average villa for rent, residential complexes offer so many benefits that make expats feel more or less at home.

Gated communities vary in size; those within central districts such as Olaya and Sulaymaniyah are often much smaller, consisting of 8-15 villas that share a swimming pool within a complex. Those that are in the suburbs are huge, and can be considered as mini-towns or mini-cities, with their own restaurants, supermarkets, and sporting facilities. Some are even home to renowned schools, such as the British International School and the American International School. This is why tenants rarely need to go out to the city, unless they have to go to work or to big shopping malls.


Why choose a compound for rent in Riyadh

The Kingdom is considered as conservative, with certain traditions to be respected. However, people living in complexes have more “open” living standards, with no rules on gender segregation and no obligations to the common dress codes, such as the modest cloak (abaya) for women.

Compound rental in Riyadh is quite pricey, and many people cannot afford it if their company does not provide housing allowance. For many, the benefits cannot be compromised, and this is apparent by the long waiting lists in Al Hamra, Al Bustan, Cordoba, Al Jazeera, and others. Villas or apartments for rent in Riyadh could be another option if expats are willing to sacrifice on the advantages that a community has to offer.

Being a big city with on going construction and detours, transportation is a common struggle for families due to the distance and traffic. Living in a compound can greatly improve one’s quality of life, some people compare it to their own piece of heaven.

Parents do not have to worry long drives to drop off and pick up from schools, nor about keeping their kids engaged and busy, because residents have direct access to swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, nurseries/daycares, recreational areas, mini-markets, and gyms. Children can easily participate in sports with friends as facilities are easily available, toddlers can enjoy the parks, and parents can have peace of mind. Neighbours are expats as well, so building a fun social life for the entire family is a big added plus.

Kids who grow up in gated communities have a great and productive childhood, making long-lasting friendships along the way.