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High Demand for Villas for Rent in Riyadh

High Demand for Villas for Rent in Riyadh

The capital is currently undergoing a series of positive reforms aimed at diversifying the economy and improving infrastructure, housing, and transportation. The objective behind restructuring the economy is to provide new investment opportunities and achieve tangible change that can be reflected through different industries, including real estate. Regulations on mortgage laws and white land taxation have a goal of stabilizing prices and closing the supply/demand gap on affordable housing.

People tend to have a common preference for villas for rent in Riyadh or for sale rather than apartments. This is why downtown neighborhoods - such as Sulaymaniyah and Olaya - have smaller focus on residential buildings. The city center focuses more on second hand market, with some medium-sized new developments here and there. Big developments are expanding towards the suburbs, mostly in the North (in the Sahafa and Yasmin districts), West (Khuzama and Dhahrat Laban districts) and East (Qurtubah district), where entire new communities are being built, many of which are already functioning.

Expat families who have been living here for a long time, some of whom were born here, often choose to purchase a permanent home, preferring to invest in villas for sale in Riyadh instead of rent. Western expats usually choose to live incompounds in Riyadh , where they can have access to sports and recreational facilities.

Affordable homes are in extremely high-demand, so it is key to stay on top of your search and continuously check online as something ideal may come up for grabs.

Villas for Rent in Riyadh

Luxury Villas in Riyadh

Be Smart When Deciding on a Home for Rent in Riyadh

Whether you are looking to rent a duplex, one floor, or an apartment in Riyadh, be sure to take note of the below points.

Consider the near future:

The capital is undergoing construction throughout the city’s infrastructure. A house that is hard to reach today may be easily accessible once the metro is complete, bridges are up, and detours are resolved. Keep this in mind, especially if you are searching for a long-term family villa for rent in Riyadh that you plan to live in for years.

Decide on your budget:

The budget plays a big role in factoring in the location, garden availability, swimming pool, and size of the property. Finding a new development in the central area may not be as easy, as land is more or less already developed there. However, there are many new communities being developed towards the North (Al Yasmin, Malqa, Sahafa and Aqiq and Hittin districts) the West (Khuzama and Dhahrat Laban) and and the East (Rimal and Qurtubah districts), with more affordable prices as supply is higher in those areas. It is also important to factor in whether you need a one floor residence, or duplex, or a 3 bed villa or 4 bedrooms, as this will dictate the asking price.

Shortlist your family needs:

Most of the international schools are situated towards the North and North/East. Many families prefer to live near their kids’ school rather than near their office, especially as long distance and traffic may be tiring for the children.

Have the property checked:

The house might look great on the outside but have hidden problems with electricity, leakage, and so forth. Always have the property checked by a professional third party to clear the way from any unwanted problems in the future.

Go through a licensed real estate professional:

The licensed real estate broker can help a lot in providing necessary advice when it comes to search and the signing the contract. This is why all properties listed on are from licensed real estate companies only, to ensure that a certain level of professionalism and trust is met.