Compounds for rent in Jeddah

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Information regarding compounds for rent in Jeddah

Jeddah is blessed with so many benefits which allow it to be the commercial center of the Kingdom. Being on the coast of the Red Sea, the city has one of the region’s busiest ports, transporting goods into and outside of the Kingdom. The corniche is embellished with beautiful sculptures and the sea is decorated with the iconic fountain that springs so high it can be seen from afar. The city is reputed to have a special kind-hearted warmth which is clearly reflected by its hospitable nature.

Locals are very much intertwined with other nationalities, welcoming millions of religious pilgrims every year. Expats make a very big part of the population, many of whom have been living here for years and years. While Saudis prefer to maintain their privacy by living in villas for sale in Saudi or duplexes for sale in Jeddah, expatriates are more interested in compounds for rent in districts such as Al Shatea, Sharafiya, Basatin, Rawdah or Hamra. These gated communities give people a little bit more freedom with access to recreational facilities, an enhanced social life, and proximity to mini-shops.

Residential complexes vary in size; smaller ones consist of 8-10 villas or apartment buildings with maybe a shared swimming pool and gym, while larger ones can be considered as gated towns or neighbourhoods with 200+ housing units, professional sporting premises, cafes and restaurants, shops, and possibly even schooling and daycare facilities. Choosing the right option for you depends on many factors that need to be properly calculated before reaching a final decision.

How to search for right compounds for rent in Jeddah

Because compound houses for rent in Jeddah are more expensive than individual villas or apartments per say, budget is the major decisive factor. Usually, they can only be considered if the company provides the employee with a substantial housing allowance, otherwise the options would be shortlisted to villas or apartments for rent in Jeddah. Despite the high rental prices, complexes are usually in very high demand with long waiting lists, so having good contacts with the person in charge and persistent follow-ups would be needed to reserve a home.

It is also a good idea by identifying the location you wish to live in. Gated communities are located in all parts of the city, so it would be a good idea to live close to your work or school. Traffic can get bad during rush hours, and the last thing you want is to spend precious time on the road.

Traditionally, people would start searching for the right place by coordinating with their friends who are currently residents in a compound. Knowing someone on the “inside” may ease the process because they can provide updates on empty units and may even put in a good word for you with the person in charge of rentals.

The reason these communities are in high demand is because they provide residents with a luxurious lifestyle, especially for families with kids. Children living in residential complexes grow up with so many young neighbours who come from all around the world.

They have access to countless entertainment and sporting activities which are often scarce in the outside city. In the big compounds such as Basatin Village, Sharbatly, Saudia City, or Elite, professional trainers schedule football, basketball or tennis practice which kids can sign up to. This gives parents a huge benefit that is often described as being priceless, whereby their kids are constantly busy, active, and productive.