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Jeddah City, Everybody’s Home

Jeddah City, Everybody’s Home

While it is quite common for young couples and small families to live in apartments for rent in Jeddah, they often choose to move into larger homes as their families grow. Locals and expats (usually bigger families) are often more interested in villas for rent in Jeddah, where they can have more space in their private homes with a garden or a pool, where they can entertain and enjoy the weather during the first and last quarters of the year.

The most desired areas are expanding towards the North, with the example of the calm Ash Shati district which offers beautiful views of the Red Sea. Yet, many people are still very emotionally attached to districts such as Hamra and Rawdah, where they can stay at the center of the energetic life of restaurants, shops, and business centers.

Before you start your search, it is important to know your available options. Narrow down the home type by deciding on whether you are more interested in a commercial villa, apartment, duplex, or a home in compound for rent in Jeddah. This will be good spring board to continue your property hunt.

It is also important to keep in mind that with the latest government reforms, rental and sale prices are expected to go down in the near future. It may be worth considering an investment as opposed to paying monthly rent. Keep your options open by searching for villas for sale in Jeddah.


How to Find the Ideal Villa for Rent in Jeddah?

How to Find the Ideal Villa for Rent in Jeddah?

Demand for rent is very high, so it is key to do some groundwork first in order to make the right decision quickly. Time runs fast and the property of your dreams may get off the market as soon as it is advertised.

Get an idea about market rents:

Do your homework on the average rent per square meter in the district you are seeking, especially as some districts are known to have cheap villas while others are more expensive. This is especially necessary if you choose to rent directly from the homeowner, who may set a rental price that is way above the average market price.

Get the rental transaction done through a professional broker:

The licensed real estate broker will draft an authenticated contract with the best interest of the seeker and the homeowner. The broker can also advise on the average rental price per square meter to ensure that you are not overpaying. Finally, the broker can ensure that the deposit will be returned to you once your lease is up and you choose to leave the property. If you are an non-Arabic speaker, then it would be a good idea to request the contract in English.

Check the property inside out:

Visit the house during the day and night to have a good feel of it. Also drive around the district to see what if you prefer a quiet area away from the city’s hustle and bustle in Northern districts such as Ash Shati, Al Basatin and Abhur, or if you enjoy the dynamism of districts like Hamra, Salamah and Rawdah.

Dig a little deep:

Have an experienced friend or professional check the house to make sure that everything is fine. Often times, residents are surprised that problems with leakage and electricity begin to appear once they have settled into what they thought was a luxury villa.