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Living in Riyadh

Although Riyadh is said to be the most conservative city of the KSA, it is still the most favorite place for a majority of people because of ample job opportunities in the city. The city is rich in tradition and its life is different from other coastal cities of the KSA. The city’s air is full with calmness and tranquility and the environment is free from the usual hustle-bustle. Riyadh is the business hub of the KSA, having twice the opportunities. Jobs available in Riyadh come with a lucrative salary package. It is the best place for teachers and for people looking for jobs in finance.

The weather in the city is quite pleasant. Winter in the city witnesses the temperature going down to almost 1 or 2 degree Celsius. Many people are slowly shifting to the city. One of the reasons for this gradual shift is discussed above: higher pay. Also, the city is also considered to be safe haven for the families looking forward to curb their spending. Entertainment in Riyadh is limited and the families who are living in the city take this to be a positive factor. Less entertainment venues, more savings! Since the city in rich in tradition, many people are seriously considering moving to the city to have an experience of Saudi rich culture. This is why the real-estate of the city is flourishing day by day. The culture of letting out property is swiftly penetrating into the traditional city, leading to more properties on rent in Riyadh.


Finding an apartment that best suits you

Finding an apartment that best suits you

Getting an apartment on rent in Riyadh is not a difficult task, but it is still advised to do thorough research before signing on a contract.

How many people are living in?

If you are moving with your family, the best thing is to look out for a house that is closest to a market – to meet your grocery needs and a school – to save your children from long hours of travelling.

Is it budget-friendly?

Whether a person is living alone or with family, he tries to minimize his monthly expenses. If a major chunk of monthly salary goes to rent payments, living gets tough. The city has a number of apartments available and its rent depends on the area these apartments are located at. For example, Al Yasmin offers houses at more expensive prices –SAR 60 to 70,000 or above per year.

Apartments available in Al Qirawan, Al Murabba and An Narjis are less economical. The maximum price at which they can be available is SAR 50,000.

How to find your home sweet home?

Everything is going digital. Getting an everyday use item or buying a car is just a click away. In the same way, searching for properties on rent in Riyadh has now become easy and hassle free.

People looking out for a house can deal with licensed brokers. They listen to the needs of a person and search for a job meeting the requirements of a person. Many brokers have also set up websites to advertise for an apartment available on rent in Riyadh.

They include pictures and details of an apartment so that a prospective tenant can take well-informed decision.