The City Of Architecture

Situated near the Yemen border in the southwestern part of the Kingdom, is the city of Najran. Capital of the Najran province. Destined for success, Najran is developing at a massive pace. Even though the city is on a fast paced route to modernization, its situated on a historically enriched land. Within Najran are the archeological remnants of ancient civilizations.

Making this place a delight for archeology students, practitioners and enthusiasts alike. This city is blessed in a lot of ways. One of those is the diverse landscape around the city. With desert, oasis and mountains, this city has it all. Creating wonderful opportunities for its residents to explore and marvel at the pure, natural beauty around them.

People have the options to go camping in the desert and enjoy the cool desert nights, away from the city life. The mountains are perfect to go for trekking in the cool winter days.

The mountain tops provide fantastic star gazing opportunities to those who take the plunge. Although seemingly calm, the city of Najran holds a magnitude of energy within it.

The life here is a lovely combination of fast and slow. You can work in a fast paced environment and yet come home to a serene life. A trait non-existent in big cities. The ever-progressing city has created hosts of jobs for the people of the country.

The fast paced advancement indicates the increase in demand of real estate. More and more people are looking for properties for rent in Najran. The villas in Najran are spacious and well furnished. You will find the compounds here at par with compounds for sale in Al Jubail

City Of Architecture
The Modern City

The Modern City Standing On Ancient Grounds

Najran has always been a textile city. It attained most of its revenues from the production of world-class fabric. The city also had the honor of making the Kiswah. Like most of the Saudi cities, it now depends on agriculture to sustain itself. The city is shifting is focus towards industrialization now.

For a rapidly developing city, Najran has great potential. It is emerging as the new commercial hub of the Kingdom.

The result is more business and more jobs. The downtown area comprises of Prince Mishal District, Sharq Ad Dubat, Al Mukhayyam District and Al- Athaybah District. The Prince Mishal District is the hub of the city where King Khalid Hospital is also situated.

The district has several parks, shopping centers and cafes for the people of the area. Apartments for rent in Najran are abundant. In case you are looking for properties for rent in Najran, you will find great apartments, spacious villas and well maintained compounds in the central districts.

Unlike the properties for rent in Riyadh downtown, the central districts of Najran welcome people with open arms. The initiation of rental programs by the Ministry of Housing will ensure a smoother renting process for both the parties involved.

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